The jasonisa 1000 project was produced for several reasons.   

1. Art – I created jasonisa 1000 words largely and if nothing else for the sake of expression; as an art project. Also why not; because I can; and for the fun of it.   

2. Work – I wanted to see the results of dropping ten-thousand images online at once. My trade and skill-set is websites development and online marketing. Creating the jasonisa 1000 words project was based on tracking the Search Engine results, seeing where and which images peaked out on the Internet. There is a direct monetary value in the application of these results.  

3. Learn – Anyone in business for a good length of time knows technology changes, it’s adapt or die. Keeping a beat on the comings-and-goings of one’s specific industry is critical in any field. The jasonisa 1000 words project allowed me to refresh my knowledge on several services and systems; learn what works and where not to market online. Ask me the file upload processes and limitations on Deviant Art and I can tell you in detail.  

4. Wall – I wanted to build a wall, not just a wall of images, but a digital wall on the Internet. The jasonisa 1000 words and the full ten-thousand images that were dropped was a preemptive strike in the tactical defence sense, a smoke-screen in the sense of a distraction. In effort to mitigate or levy some slight control over the trolly and toxic factions on the Internet. A vaccination against Ad Hominem attacks. You can’t say nothing about me that I haven’t already said. Someone posts a jab at me, please, I already posted 10 memes of me with that jab. You want a piece of me, start digging.  

Click here to see HOW the jasonisa 1000 project was produced.