The jasonisa 1000 words project was produced within 30 days breadth, with cummulative work hours totaling about 20 hours. The images were posted to their respective networks within a span of two weeks. Here is the short list of resources used:

The following is a detailed account of how the jasonisa 1000 words project was produced. A. Words Research – Started simple, with numbers, shapes and colors. Moved to things and animals. Then went to intenert grabbed lists of fruits and vegtable and occupations. Choose only words i know meaning or familiar. 

jasonisa how sheet1

 B. Words Sort – used categories to keep quantities easy to check. pickj wide range of categroies for se ranking and testing. I used Google Sheets. 

jasonisa how sheet2

 C. Image Prep – picked one light image, one dark image and one salt image. put in photo shop. set size, text, save a test, adjust. I used Abobe Photoshop 

jasonisa how photoshop

 D. Image Batch 1k! – record marco to copy word, paste in PS, save for web, back to sheet, down one cell and stop. hit the macro key 1000 times in batcheds of 50. saved the key stroke, take 5-10 mines finished RAW BATCH batch. finish while set in 3-4 hours. ready with 1k words. Used Logitech G510 Macro function to record steps. Note on marco, no time set is too fast it will crash. Real-time delays are too slow, take 10 longers than necessary. Trick is to record in real time, then go into the script and change every function to 0.1 secs. or 0.3 sec. works real slick like. I used ogitech G510 Keyboard. 

jasonisa how logitech2

 E. Network Research – List and pick 10 network. selected between photo hosting, website system and general storage. picked free services. tried pinterest and diviant art, neither allow bulk upload and adding one at time was mor ethan planned for the project. exchagned for flickr and shopify. F. Network Watermark 10k! – Tried to record macro/action but used watermark plugin. run on each, add tags, file anme. many error, for got to chagen watermark. rerun batch. nice set batch raw folder with watermark, and rename. easy. I used WatermarkPro 

jasonisa how watermarkpro

 G. Upload Networks – most are drag and drop. imgur i upload in 100-200 batches. my server push and extract a zip. 

jasonisa how finaltotal

 H. Check and Clean – double check each netowrk for 1k images, is public/shared, has correct logo, add description and link back if possible. clean up files, double check links and tracking systems.  Here are some working notes from batch processing one thousand images.